The club has prepared checklists of items you should consider taking depending on the type of trip (day trip, base camp, bike trip, through walk), length of trip, weather, etc. It is the individual member's responsibility to ensure that they are adequately equipped for their bushwalking activity in regards to adequate water and food, first aid kit, warm clothing and raincoat This not only ensures your comfort, it is a necessary precaution.

Gear List (4 page PDF)

It is essential to take a well equipped bush kit on all trips. A list of recommended items is attached below. If you have any medical condition which could affect you on the walk (or in an emergency, such as an unscheduled night in the bush) please advise the trip leader in confidence. Always carry any personal medications (clearly labelled) that you may require.

The Club has a wide range of gear for members to borrow: sleeping mats, tents, backpacks, stoves, day packs, first aid kits & hiking poles. To borrow club gear, please contact the Equipment Officer.

Before making any major purchases, we recommend that you borrow club equipment to see if it suits you. Experienced club members can advise on different types and brands of gear available.

If you are considering buying gear, both Outdoor Australia and Wild magazines are valuable resources. These magazines regularly publish surveys on a variety of outdoor gear.